Seeker; The Dark is Rising

A downtrodden teenage boy discovers to his surprise that he has special, magical powers. He’s instructed in the use of them by an assortment of adult mentors, while a sinister dark lord of many disguises threatens an epic battle for the future of the planet……

These days, you would of course be forgiven for thinking the above was a precis of something by JK Rowling. In fact it’s the synopsis of a book – Seeker; the Dark is Rising – by Susan Cooper that she wrote in 1973 that was made into a movie in 2007. We watched it with Rowan last night. And what can I tell you? Well, Harry Potter obviously sets a very high bar for comparison that this fails to live up to. The film’s entertaining enough, but in a messy, afternoon-television kind of way. 

However it was the locations that really stood out – and not in a good way. Here’s a wee word of advice to film makers; if you’re doing a movie that’s unambiguously set in rural England, it really, really helps if you choose locations that look, well, English. 

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