Of all the made-on-location movies I’ve seen this year, I think Knowing, staring the original child of evil, Mr. N. Cage, was probably the most surprising; I really had no idea it filmed in Melbourne. And with no little irony, another movie about Satan’s progeny also intrigued me. Set in Seattle, Whisper actually filmed in Whitehorse, Yukon. The only thing I know about Whitehorse is that Tahmoh Penikett’s from there. Don’t ask how I’d know that. I just do.

Whisper‘s the chilly tale of a kidnapping that goes badly wrong. Hired by an absent mastermind, a gang of misfits snatch a creepy eight year old boy from a Christmas party and retreat to a snow-bound cabin in the woods to wait for further instructions. But the boy – the son of one of the state’s wealthiest women – is not as innocent as he seems, and he begins whispering evil little suggestions to each of the gang members that make them turn on each other, and on themselves. Clearly a corker of a B movie, but it’s not without some entertainment value.

Battlestar Vancouver

Eek. I think I just became a Sci-Fi geek. I just sat through the first two seasons of Battlestar Gallactica, back to back. Don’t say I don’t know how to have a good time…..

Well written, dramatic, and often touching, BSG was of course filmed in Vancouver, Canada – which is pretty much kick-ass when it comes to on location filming. (though, as an aside, it reminds me of another BC-shot sci-fi pic – Stargate; apparently the actors on seeing the script were accustomed to moan “Not another wet planet?!”)

Anyway, apart from gratuitously trawling for pictures of Jamie Bamber in a towel, or falling ever so slighly in love with Katee Sackhoff, there’s a lot of interesting stuff on line, including a series of links to Vancouver locations at the Tahmoh Penikett-inspired blogspot.

The Waterfall Building at 1540 2nd Avenue, Vancouver has featured as the Caprican capital city in a number of episodes. There’s even a Google Earth/Maps site that links to locations.