GQ magazine is running a feature on road trip essentials that directs you to Taos, New Mexico (a remarkable arts colony in the middle of nowhere that I was lucky enough to visit en route back from the Santa Fe Cineposium last year.)

Legendary scary-person Dennis Hopper lived in Taos—physically, anyway—in the sixties and seventies, and Taos is shrewdly using the 40th anniversary of the Hopper-directed Easy Rider movie, (which partly filmed in the State) as an excuse for a series of events known as The Summer of Love.

There’ll be art exhibitions (including one curated by Hopper), throwback concerts (Country Joe re-creating his set at Woodstock), and (naturally) motorcycle rallies. Another local, Dean Stockwell is the Grand Marshal of the town’s hippie parade on June 6. (if you only know him from Blue Velvet—or worse, Quantum Leap—do yourself a favor and rent the 1968 film Psych-Out, which also features a healthy dose of early Nicholson…..)

And for another take on dysfunctional film-inspired road trips, here’s an article at the Sydney Morning Herald.