A couple of years back, we spent a fantastic couple of weeks in Madrid. For that reason, I thoroughly enjoyed the photogenic roll out of familiar, beloved Madrileno locations in The Cold Light of Day……Unfortunately that was the ONLY reason. Not even Henry Cavill – Henry Freakin Cavill – can save this perplexing, frustrating and laughably unengaging clusterfuck.


Honestly, here’s the level of emotional conviction on display; during the movie, (Spoilers ahead) the future Man of Steel learns three fairly momentous things about his old Dad; 1) that he’s actually a spy working for a secret division of the CIA, 2) he’s sold state secrets to terrorists and 3) he’s also betrayed his family and had an entire child out of wedlock. In spite of these tumultuous, life-shattering revelations, Henry reacts NOT AT ALL. Not at all. It’s total rubbish really, and car chases, and relentless villains, and basement trade-offs and precious briefcases (whose contents are NEVER revealed) are nothing you haven’t seen before in better, faster, funner movies. Plaza Major may look fantastic, but that, sadly, is not enough.