Oh lord, The Counsellor is an awful film. Cormac McCarthy wrote it, for God’s sake, and he’s one of my favourite authors ever ever ever. (If you haven’t read his Blood Meridian….well, you should is all I’m saying.) But his own script here – about a sleazy lawyer who gets in over his head when a drug deal goes wrong – is just dreadful: bloated, plodding, pompous, overblown and stodgy.


Several tens of minutes of dialogue – where they talk about women or recount jokes – should have been stripped from the film, the sex scenes are excruciating, and all of the actors, ALL of them, seem like they’ve realised, too late and with a bit of a shock, that this Ridley Scott – Cormac McCarthy vehicle is a cringe-making embarrassment. The Counsellor does look spectacular though – and it filmed all over the place, a lot in England, which surprised me. I think Alicante stood in for Mexico.