I didn’t really enjoy The Dallas Buyers Club. It reminded me of that old AIDS movie from the 90’s, Longtime Companion – not the content, the feelings. It brought all the old fears and frustrations and horror and confusion and insecurity and devastation of the era flooding back.


It’s not a bad film, though it felt a bit of a Lifetime TV Movie to me – a perception not helped by the fact that it sometimes doesn’t seem to know whether it’s social documentary or international crime caper. Jennifer Garner was my stand-out; she’s radiant throughout. I was literally aghast at Matthew McConnaughey’s weight loss though. However I don’t necessarily think that made it a memorable performance. He’s good enough, but it’s mostly like we’re awarding him because he stopped being a shirtless douchebag long enough to make us feels sadz for the gayz. Same, sort of, for Jared Leto, though in a prettier way. I suppose it’s a bit like those black movies apparently needing a white protagonist to resonate with a white audience; here you needed a couple of clueless straights to make the cynical and purposeful devastation of the gay community in the early AIDS years – and all that self-loathing, all that fear, all that disgust – known to the rest of you. Anyway. I found it disturbing. It didn’t film in Texas, it filmed in Louisiana.

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