SethEfrikens Embeth Davidtz and Sharlto Copley head up The Europa Report, a plodding-ish, low-budget sci-fi about six international astronauts on a privately funded mission to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Travelling further than any humans before them, their contact with Earth is severed after a solar flare, and their news filters back to central command in the form of snippets of non-linear found footage.


It’s ok, somewhat dull most of the time. The effects are nice enough in a low budget sort of way. I was more peturbed though that none of them seem to listen to the captain, and every single one of them seems terribly unprepared for what they encounter along the way. Apparently that’s what it’s like in space. Bizarrely it filmed in somewhere completely not sci-fi like Brooklyn. Go figure.

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