How do you (does one) account for a movie like The Expatriate? It”s not like it”s irredeemably bad, but it is irrevocably dull. Aaron Eckhart (who you know I love) plays an ex-CIA agent working on some top-security project, who goes on the run when his employers try to permanently erase all records of his existence. It co-stars the truly, truly awful Olga Kurylenko, who runs the gamut of emotions from A to A as the handler tasked with shutting Aaron up. There’s a daughter in it too, who’s estranged from Aaron and therefore required by the script to be stroppy and do unaccountably stupid things.

The-Expatriate (3)

The Expatriate is like every Liam Neeson movie from the past 5 years, but without Liam Neeson and set in Belgium – which, let’s face it, hardly has a rep as a glamorous destination of thrills and intrigue. I can only assume that it was made with European funds, because Brussels and Antwerp feature heavily as the locations. Frankly, there really are better ways to spend your time.