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THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM is a Section 21 not-for-profit public benefit organization based in Cape Town. it was established in 2014 to assist in the development of local filmmakers.

THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM is a “bricks and mortar” cluster dedicated to the development of film and creative industry activity in the heart of Cape Town. THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM provides computers loaded with filmmaking software, affordable, discounted / subsidised camera, sound and lighting equipment, post-production facilities including desktop editing and Photoshop, a Media and Reading Library, a Screening Room, and spaces for castings, meetings and other production requirements.

THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM operates as a cross between an Internet café and copy shop, but with a special focus on the film and video industries. The WORKROOM is centred around Mac computers with high-speed broadband Internet connectivity. Each computer is also pre-loaded with dedicated filmmaker applications and software, allowing filmmakers to affordably devise concepts, write scripts, edit films, create and add special effects and animation (including 3D), create and add titles and logos, include subtitles, colour correct, complete post-production, rip DVD copies, zip large files, and design websites and marketing collateral. Basic camera, lighting and sound equipment are also available for hire, and the copy and printing facilities allow filmmakers to create complete marketing packs for their finished films.


  • Book Shop – New and 2nd Hand text books for sale, plus book exchange
  • Cameras & Equipment for hire – Cameras, Sound and Lighting Equipment and other kit available for hire.
  • Commissioning Hub – Formal association of local broadcasters, businesses and government departments, coordinated to provide regular commissioning opportunities to Film Centre participants.
  • Copying & Printing – Printing / Photocopying of scripts, call sheets, production info etc. Photocopying and binding of proposals / marketing materials etc.
  • Computer Stations – A workroom offering computers with internet access and pre-loaded with specialist Filmmaking Software
  • Design software – Specialist design software including Photoshop, Printers for Posters, artwork, and dvd cover design.
  • Distribution Services – Promotion and marketing of local films to local audiences through online catalogue and through regular screenings at the centre
  • DVD Duplication Facility – Affordable duplication of DVDs
  • Entertainment Area – A coffee shop / bar / meeting area, where filmmakers can socialise, share ideas, promote projects, advertise castings etc. etc.
  • Festival Support – Coordinated planning, entries/shipping & support for Film Festival preparation
  • Film School Text Books Library – An extensive library of text books from world-renowned Film Schools.
  • Filmmaker Software – Sales of filmmaker software.
  • Formal Networking – Regular Networking Events with Workroom participants and industry stakeholders
  • Lockers & Storage – Temporary and Long term lockers for township residents to safely store camera equipment etc.
  • Marketing Support – Guidance and facilities to develop marketing collateral, including websites, crowd-sourcing sites, brochures, pitch packages, business cards, corporate logos etc.
  • Membership – “Club” format to keep informed of the opportunities available, including film festival deadlines, funding and bursary deadlines, local casting calls etc.
  • Notice Board – Public Noticeboard for Film-related news & activities.
  • Photographic Equipment – Special section for photographers including equipment, cameras and laptops for shoots.
  • Physical Space – Temporary or permanent spaces including Office Space, Casting and other Multipurpose venues as required. Possible greenscreen “studio”
  • Screening Venue – Fully equipped digital projection Screening Venue for hire, seats +/- 40 people.
  • Training Courses – Training courses on demand; focus on filmmaking skills AND business skills
  • Video Library / Store – A “Made in Cape Town” video library, where locally made films can be both rented and sold. Filmmakers can add their films to this pool.
  • Virtual Office Virtual Office – mailbox, receptionist etc. – offering filmmakers an official address for contracts, delivery of post etc.

FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM development activities are closely supported and nurtured by the management team which will be proactive in developing opportunities, mentorship and other benefits. THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM provides weekly training and development within the centre, and conducts regular networking events within the film sector and within the broader business community. THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM additionally works with filmmakers to identify training requirements and liaises with the NFVF and training providers to ensure that skills are passed on appropriately. It is our mission to ensure that there is always something happening to benefit the filmmaking community.


However, the unique approach of THE FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM is that our dedicated staff will work with filmmakers, from the first idea for a film and working through to the final sale and distribution of a completed dvd, setting goals, providing feedback, making connections and leveraging opportunities. We use a twelve-step programme that includes:


Each Customer’s project will be reviewed, and the Workroom Production Manager will guide the Customer to the relevant equipment or software that can help them move to the next step. Time frames will be included to ensure momentum, and goals (such as film festival entry) will be set to drive enthusiasm. Customer management will therefore be very “hands-on”, service-oriented, and will require on face-to-face interaction. It will be supported by website / blog entries, meetings and networking events, social evenings, workshops and training opportunities.

A supportive environment is further created with a library of books, trade magazines and periodicals to stimulate education and imagination and a shop for the purchase of books and software for filmmakers. The centre will also offer regular training, education and networking events. Multi-purpose rooms for hire for castings, production meetings etc. – and we will investigate the possibility of a small tv studio and/or green screen studio for filmmaker use. A Screening Room will also be available, and regular screenings of locally made films and shorts will be programmed. A set of facilities especially for photographers will also be available, including laptops for shoots, and a locker facility for equipment. An integrated online system will also allow for regular monthly reporting, so that we can directly demonstrate the results of the FILMMAKER’S WORKROOM to funders.

Given the specific challenges faced by the South African film industry, THE FILMMAKERS’ WORKROOM will further:

• Create artificial pipelines of commissioning briefs and work from business and government sources, and liaise closely with broadcasters.
• Provide on-going facilitation between Workroom Members and the Industry to build relationships, trust and business opportunities within the cluster.
• Provide a broader context for film sector development, including Audience Development activities.
• Provide a Platform for Multi-level training, especially Business Skill training.
• Minimise the costs of production and the risks of failure for young filmmakers.

Through this service, we aim to assist Filmmakers to become more professional and thus more investment-ready. Every participating filmmaker will additionally be encouraged and assisted to develop professional business profiles and tools (websites, business cards etc.) as well as professional project tools for each film project they tackle.