The video for Sia’s The Greatest has been popping up in my timeline for a while. It’s a stunning piece of art – think Beyond Thunderdome meets Braveheart – and the child dancers, all 49 of them, are committed and ferocious and awesome. In and of itself, it’s a thrilling visual and musical experience. But then I read about all the markers I’d been missing – the rainbow tears, the smoke filled hallways, the bullet holes on the dancefloor and the all-fall-down of the 49 – and there you have it: the most amazing, heart-breaking, powerful tribute to the victims of the Pulse Orlando Nightclub massacre of June 2016. Watch it to 4.37 and I dare you not to catch your breath.

PS. and this may just be my soundtrack to 2016.

“Hey, this is the proof
Hey, I work hard, pray hard, pay dues, hey
I transform with pressure, I’m hands-on with effort
I fell twice before my bounce back was special
Letdowns will get you, and the critics will test you
But the strong will survive, another scar may bless you…”

Martin Cuff Personal