I finally got around to seeing the Location Movie of the Year – The Hangover. Buying entirely into the mythology of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, The Hangover features three friends who lose the groom at a riotous bachelor party involving drugs, strippers, hospitals, tigers and Mike Tyson. (not entirely sure which is scariest.) A lot of iconic Vegas locations appear – Caesars Palace, The Bellagio etc. And some other lesser known ones too. Location pics here.

But did I like it? Well, yes, sort of. I think I was a bit disappointed actually, given the hype surrounding the film. I was expecting fall-about belly-laughs, but ended with just smiling at most of the japes. I also think it’s partly because the main characters are actually all pretty unlikeable – one’s a dubious hen-pecked husband, one’s a scary pedophile who’s too close to the edge, one’s an adulterer. A very goodlooking, Bradley Cooper looking-smokin-in-every-scene-adulterer, but nasty nonetheless. Only Justin Bartha’s character emerges unscathed. So: funny, just not always funny ha-ha. Vegas will score some travellers though.