Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play mis-matched law enforcement officials forced to work together to solve a dangerous drug trafficking ring in downtown Baaaawwwston. Much of the humour is based on the crudity of McCarthy’s potty mouth and rioutous family background – particularly when thrown up against Sandy’s up-tight over-achieving princess – but overall it’s actually all quite entertaining in a Bette Midler-Outrageous-Fortune kind of way. I must say, it was even more unintentionally hilarious watching it on an airplane and getting all the curses edited for family viewing. “Flip You, muthafinga” is hardly street slang. Anyway, I enjoyed it.


PS. I’m a bit concerned about Sandy though – she’s lost so much weight that sometimes, with those bangs and that sharp little nose, she looks like Michael Jackson meets the freaky ghost girl from The Ring. I mean it, in a nice way.