With nothing better to do on a Wednesday night, we watched Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in “The Lake House” on DSTV.

Sweet movie; bit slow, bit confusing, bit dreary – but you still want them to meet and love each other at the end. (spoiler alert: which they do). Chicago features prominently and attractively; at one point He sends Her on a walking tour of the varied architecture in the Windy City. Now there’s something for Chicago Tourism……

The main location is of course a house at a (the) lake.

The Lake House

At first I thought this might be an earlier incarnation of the ultra-mod property in the 2006 version of When a Stranger Calls but apparently this house was built specifically for the film and was then dismantled after completion. Shame.

What’s quite cool though is that the site was photographed by the Google Earth satellite during the production, and you can see all the Unit Vehicles dotted about on the approach road. Check it out at Google Maps