James Peak of The Location Guide talks to AFCI caretaker manager Martin Cuff about his appointment and plans:

After the unexpected departure of CEO Larry Brownell, the Association of Film Commissioners has a new caretaker manager. Martin Cuff is an economics expert based in Cape Town, South Africa. So the most American of institutions has hired someone outside Hollywood? Who is this guy, and what is he doing? And is he interested in the job on a permanent basis?

A beautifully polite voice answers the phone and explains that she will fetch Mr Cuff immediately. Martin’s secretary this evening is his 12-year-old daughter, as I have inadvertently phoned him at home. However, he is delighted to give me a few minutes to set the record straight about what happens next with the AFCI.

Martin is a film sector specialist: “I have a small business that specialises in establishing and mentoring film commissions around the world. I’ve run film commissions and film permit offices on two continents. I was the first African representative to be voted onto the AFCI board. I’m the only foreigner to ever have been hired in to run a US state film commission….

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