Oh lord, Perks of Being a Wallflower is a great film but I found it so hard to watch. The slow, sweet, coming-of-age tale of a lonely, damaged boy, it’s like a cringe-worthy 102-minute-long reminder of the stultifying shyness and confusion and awkwardness of my own teen years. It’s even got the same sound-track (C’mon Eileen.) Except of course I didn’t have friends like Emma Watson (good) or Ezra Miller (better), or even Logan Lerman (superb), to pull me out of it. Anyway, squirming aside, Perks is a cracking film and well worth the effort. Melanie Lynskey is in it too, which is always a boon.


Perks filmed – like so many of my recent movies – in Pittsburgh. Scenes at The Rocky Horror Picture Show were filmed at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, where the movie’s writer had first seen the show as a teenager.