Still on the theme of punitive, close-minded, spiteful religious folk….. The Physician is the kind of German movie that you’re very likely to skip, should it come to cinemas or video stores near you. But that would be a shame, because it paints a remarkable picture of the medieval world. It’s the story of Rob Cole, an orphan boy from London with a gift for medicine. Disguising himself as a Jew, he travels to the east to study with the great Ibn Sina in Bimaristan, the great cultural melting pot of the ancient east, where he becomes a skilled surgeon and gets the girl – all before the city is destroyed by angry Muslims.


Throughout, I was totally impressed by the gorgeous lavish set and art design, and the costumes and the locations. It’s beautifully acted too, with the English girl from Hollyoaks being the biggest and most impressive surprise. Tom Payne as Rob is cute and winning too. The Physician filmed in Morocco.

Martin Cuff Industry News