On another personal note, the Three Gorgeous Fairies at the fantastic Serbia Film Commission (that’s Ana, Milica and ZsaZsa-Dahling) have being doing a bang-up job promoting Film in Serbia – and international business has already grown six times since we started just last year.

It’s therefore really, really satisfying to be back in Belgrade as the huge film trucks crowd the streets and the period hansom cabs are rolled out and the period costumes are donned for the filming of The Raven, starring John Cusack.

Set in 1849 Baltimore, The Raven is a fictionalised tale about Edgar Allen Poe who, aided by a detective, tries to track down a serial killer who’s been inspired by his gruesome short stories and has now kidnapped his girlfriend. I’m not entirely convinced by the plot but it’s directed by the same chap who directed the visually magnificent V for Vendetta so I’m sure it’ll be fantastic to look at.

I head back to Cape Town tomorrow, the last commute of the year, so thank you to Belgrade and Serbia and all my friends and colleagues here, for another great year on location.

Coming Soon, Filming Locations