In The Returned, doctors have found a treatment for the virus that turned the infected into zombies and killed 100 million people. Not a cure, but a treatment. The problem is, the natural protein is running out and a successful artificial replacement has yet to be found. And with chaos in the streets, escalated “anti-returned” vigilanteism, round ups and concentration camps and all sorts of panic reminiscent of the early AIDS years, Alex and his girlfriend are forced on the run, protecting their remaining doses of medicine as they go….


So it’s a thriller of sorts, stylish and thorough. I thought it was interesting enough. It bumbled along at a pretty slow pace though; I was struck at both the leisurely editing and the underwhelming soundtrack. So good but no cigar. It filmed in Toronto, but actually it’s a Spanish film, the result of the funding requirements that the tv stations put a percentage of the profits into movies.

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