The Whistleblower is completely fucked up. I don’t mean that in a good way. Filmed in Romania, it stars Rachel Weisz as a police officer in a private security company hired by the UN after the war in Bosnia Herzegovina. It’s largely a lawless environment, and the men she has to work with are casual purveyors of misogyny and violence. Thus as part of her duties, Weisz uncovers a hideously brutal, vicious sex trafficking ring that is fuelled and financed by her fellow UN police officers.


The Whistleblower is a true a story, so it’s literally god-smacking to realise that all UN personnel in Bosnia all had diplomatic immunity, – so when she notifies her superiors of her findings, she’s immediately fired and repatriated. It’s all just fucked up, fucked up and depressing and ultimately I couldn’t watch it to the end. I’m glad I tried though; man’s utter inhumanity is sometimes a sight to behold.