This Is The End is a riot. Well, not so much a riot as an apocalypse. The movie’s premise is that Jay Baruchel (playing a semi-fictionalised version of himself) – and who’s in self-imposed exile from the Hollywood he finds distasteful – flies to Los Angeles to visit his old Cannuck buddy Seth Rogen (also playing a sort-of- himself). Seth’s rather more enamoured of the Southern California lifestyle, and he drags Jay, quite unwillingly, to a party at the home of James Franco (also playing… you get the picture?). The party is full of ridiculous self-referential celebrities, all playing ridiculous versions of themselves, (stand outs – Michael Cena and Channing Tatum) it’s like a Who’s Who. And then the Apocalypse strikes.


So: some die and some survive, and those who survive are basically left to verbally roast each other before the demons do. This Is The End is also completely daft, this is also completely crass, this is also completely cringe-worthy at times, but it’s also laugh out loud. So it’s worth a squizz if you can bear the penis jokes. Locations wise, although there are some establishing shots on Melrose in LA, This actually filmed in Louisiana.