I know. Not exactly highbrow entertainment. Yet Trollhunter is a fun little Norwegian film about a student film crew. They think they are onto an exclusive story about a bear poacher, only to discover he’s actually a disgruntled employee of the super-secretive Troll Security Agency, the shadowy organization responsible for managing Norway’s large and volatile troll population. Cue lots of troll folklore (many of which are vivid stories from my youth….) with thyme and slime, trolls exploding, turning to stone, and smelling the blood of Christian men…..

It’s all hand-held-found-footage stuff, but it’s carried off really very well, all things considered. My only problem with it, aside from some over-long exposition, was the lack of a second angle to the story – it would have been more entertaining had the TSS actually been trying to stop them from filming, for instance. Norway’s mountains and fjords look fantastic – though the weather up north clearly leaves a lot to be desired.