Still on the genre-bending, Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a horror comedy (more comedy than horror to be told) that grabs the inbred-psycho-backwoods-redneck-killer cliche, and chain-saws its road-tripping college kid ass into bloody chumps.


Tucker and Dale are two bumbling, beer-swilln’ truck-drivin’, plaid-wearin’ rednecks – think Larry the Cable Guy and double it – who’re excited to have bought their first summer home in the woods. Their first trip to the cabin (to redecorate) brings them into conflict group of spoiled and wealthy co-eds. Every effort the good ole boys to communicate, and eventually to get the kids out of harm’s way, is completely misinterpreted, and chaos (plus some inventively disgusting death scenes) ensues. To tell you any more would just be giving away the plot – which is subversive and funny – but it’s really worth a watch. Tucker and Dale filmed in the backwoods of Alberta, Canada.