Unstoppable rattles along like a runaway train…… No, wait! Unstoppable really is about a runaway train and the heroic efforts of lowly transportation workers to bring it to a halt, thwarted along the way by greedy corporate fatcats. So yes, it’s not a very complicated plot. And the main characters – lip-licky Denzel, glorious Rosario Dawson and dirty-old-man-crush of the moment Chris Pine – are so thinly sketched they’re all but transparent. But boy is it exciting, it looks great, moves fast, and the adrenalin just keeps you pumping.

For what’s essentially a road movie on tracks, Unstoppable uses a LOT of locations: Martins Ferry, Bellaire, Mingo Junction, Steubenville and Brewster in Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Emporium, Milesburg, Tyrone, Julian, Unionville, Port Matilda, Bradford, Monaca, Eldred, Turtlepoint, Port Allegany and Carnegie in Pennsylvania The elevated and elegantly curving bridge where the chemical tanks threaten to spill off into the oil terminus are actually in Bellaire, Ohio – a town that unusually brands itself a village rather than the more Americanly ambitious “city” (pop. 2108)

Another interesting thing I found out: we’re not always seeing the same train. Like some 40 ton quadruplets in a bad soap opera, the directors swapped in and out a number of identical trains hired from Canadian Pacific Railways. Sweet!

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