I’ve never seen a single episode of the original Veronica Mars tv series. From what I gather, it recounted the somewhat torrid tales of a school-going Private Investigator through various scrapes and cases. And then the series was cancelled. Too soon by many accounts. Finally, after a decade in the production wilderness, the production team determined to try their luck fundraising via Kickstarter. I wrote about it for Vodacom here. The upshot of was, fans contributed over $2m in only 10 hours to get the film of the series off the ground, a record for the platform. It finally made $5,7 million.


And is it any good? Well, yes it is actually. The script is snark-witty, the performances measured and sweet and they’d seem to account suitably for the passing of time. PLUS: Tina Majorino. I actually really enjoyed it and I may even go back and check out the tv shows.

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