Martingale facilitates post-production, editing and visual effects for feature films, drama series and documentaries. Our preferred approach is to work with you from the concept phase to devise a vfx schedule that meets your creative goals as well as your budgets. We’ll responsibly guide you on the best ways to develop your shots – either via vfx or sfx – and ensure that every cent you spend adds value onto the screen. Using the creative hub of Cape Town as our dynamic and responsive base, we apply the highest creative and technical skills and standards to every aspect of your post-production process. We partner with industry-recognized creative and technology professionals in Cape Town, Belgrade and Lima, who are committed to the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content.

Artist-driven, we create high-quality computer-generated animation and VFX for TV and Film Production, direct-to-home, video game, 3D/4D location-based and other media clients. Our broad range of skill-sets provide a multitude of creative solutions, including concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D/CG effects, animation, motion design, software development, digital & experiential production, colour grading for advertising, Character Animation, Product Visualisation, Architectural Visualisation and Post Sound – or any combination of services, including:

  • Script breakdown and solution planning are extremely important and valuable stages in a project’s early development. By examining a script, our Visual Effects Supervisor can efficiently outline your production’s VFX concerns, needs and trouble spots. The ability to identify pre-production problems and resolve them with creative solutions, well before production begins, can give any production the head-start it needs to be cost effective and trouble free.
  • Pre-visualization is an essential tool within the VFX arsenal. Pre-Viz is not strictly used for VFX conception, it is also used for non VFX scenes. In both cases pre-viz allows Directors to experiment and to find the most efficient and dramatic way to block, light, choreograph and shoot key moments within the story, without incurring actual production costs.
  • Of your production contains visual-effects shots, then an experienced Visual Effects Supervisor is an essential member of your ‘on-set’ film crew. A Visual Effects Supervisor will make sure that your VFX shot’s set-ups will be efficiently executed to avoid introducing more costs into the post-production stage of your project. An on-set Visual Effects Supervisor will provide immediate advice and guidance for the Director and his/her film crew during principal photography and insure that the production is creatively flexible and cost efficient.
  • “The Invisible Art”, is an appropriate title for the tried and true artistic technique that has been used since the beginning of film production. Matte painting is a constantly evolving art that gives film makers greater and wider

Our approach is to offer a range of creative solutions harnessed through a dedication to collaboration – working together every day to be a part of creating some of the best and most inspirational work in the industry. We are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations. Our goal is simple — to ensure that with every project, at every stage, we amplify your ideas and dreams.