I worry about Jennifer Aniston. Not a lot, but often enough. She seems nice, really. She’s a very talented woman, no doubt, and she’s pretty too. She was screwed over by that tramp Angelina and she finally seems to have found love again….. But I really wonder who she’s got advising her about movie roles, her career path, and bankability and stuff like that. Because the last three Aniston vehicles I’ve seen – Horrible Bosses, that truly awful one with bobble-heady Adam Sandler, and now Wanderlust – weren’t even B-grade experiences. They were utter, utter trash.

Wanderlust is about two over-achieving Manhattanites (Jen reunited again with cute, slobby Paul Rudd) whose marriage comes under serious threat when they lose their jobs and apartment and are forced to relocate to a free-love commune in rural Georgia.

So I can see how the premise kind of worked, in theory at least: naked old folks are funny, I suppose. Plus, it’s got Alan Alda and moonfaced Malin Ackermann, and she’s working opposite her new beau (an initially unrecognizable Justin Theroux) so, sure, it might have seemed like a good idea at the time. But did dear Jen not read the script? (Such as it is: a lot seems improvised) Well, it’s inexcrable. Truly. Embarrassing. Awful. Nothing saves this from being cringe-worthy and terrible. I can’t find it in myself to add anything else. Skip.