Martin Cuff is a sought-after consultant, strategist, speaker, writer and trainer in the film, media and cultural sector. He specialises in Film Commission establishment and operation, and in the creation and marketing of content.

Max in Macchu Pichu

As a consultant, Martin helps governments to manage their film sectors and to position them to effectively boost the economy, drive job creation and promote tourism. Based in Cape Town, South Africa and with a special interest in African development, he has worked with all tiers of government across all five continents – from Tanzania to Barbados, from Namibia to Indonesia, from Peru to Serbia, from Delaware to the Republic of Georgia – to identify and implement the tools that can help them harness film sector growth. As well as Film Commission establishment, marketing and operations, he is a global thought-leader on the potential contribution of the film industry to tourism growth.

Martin’s other focus is the creation of original content and transmedia extensions that can accompany any story and deliver it to new markets and audiences. Operating under the Martingale brand, Martin writes original content in the form of books, films, television and transmedia. He also works with independent filmmakers as Producer of Marketing, driving the global marketing and positioning of their films by developing strong, cohesive and memorable marketing initiatives using a variety of traditional and digital tools.

Martin is the former Executive Director of the Association of Film Commissioners International, (the global body representing the interests of over 350 governments from more than 45 countries), the former Executive Director of Colorado Film Commission, the former COO of the Cape Film Commission and the Southern African International Film and Televisions Market in South Africa and the co-founder of the African Film Commissions Network.