White House Down is a really odd film. It’s got everything going for it really, especially a great cast. It’s got Channing Tatum for God’s sake, and Richard Jenkins and James Woods. (It’s also got Maggie Gyllenhaal who clearly never washes her hair, but hey, you can’t have everything.) There’s a plot about a pacifist American President, and some other twaddle about a divorced Dad and his precocious transgender kid, and then there’s a whole lot of noise and shit blowing up, as terrorists take over the Capitol.


But as I said, it’s an odd film, mainly because it really doesn’t work at all. Like, AT ALL. Channing himself is bizarrely wimpy and unconvincing, Jamie Foxx is about as presidential as a box of apples, and the entire plot is in fact so completely disengaging that it’s entirely forgettable. I almost couldn’t remember enough to review it, and I only turned it off about fifteen minutes ago. Ah, well. White House Down filmed in Quebec.