Resuscitating the X-Men series almost single-handedly, I give you Matthew Vaughn, the Brit director of Stardust (ahhhhh), Kick Ass (wooop!) and now X-Men; First Class.

This is one of those tedious “Origins” movies, but it rises above similar dross (check out, if you dare, the tedious and unimaginative Wolverine movie – mostly an extended ad for Hugh Jackman’s torso) by actually having a story to tell, offering some great ah-hah! moments about well-loved characters, groovy 50’s styling, as well as a surprising kindness and sympathy towards all of the mutants, good and bad. James McAvoy helps of course. January Jones, to be honest, doesn’t. But it’s pretty entertaining throughout.

The most striking and familiar location, Xavier’s School for the Gifted, is played by the magnificent Englefield House in Berkshire, UK