Behind all the faux outrage over pro-Obama release dates and pro-torture insinuations and the unattributed use of already-broadcast 911 calls, the long-suffering producers of Zero Dark Thirty also had a little location problem along the way. Filming India for Pakistan (Pakistan being obviously un-film-friendly towards a movie that presents it as a treacherous, violent and closed-minded), the Indian locals nevertheless protested because the set was dressed with Pakistani signage and flags, and the on set talent was wearing Pakistani costumes. Kathryn Bigelow must wonder why the hell she bothers sometimes.


But luckily for us, she does both, because Zero Dark Thirty is an engrossing film. I couldn’t tell you whether it’s accurate or not, but I enjoyed the adoption of the actual chronology of history to the fictional storytelling. (As Roger Ebert says: “My guess is that much of the fascination with this film is inspired by the unveiling of facts, unclearly seen.”) Jessica Chastain is a tour-de-force though. She’s phenomenal.