This blog is not a sledgehammer; I prefer to praise those politicans who get it right rather than bash those who get it wrong. And I usually don’t wade into the generalist mire; I try to stick to specific issues around film-friendliness, or positive film incentive programmes that can contribute significantly to economic welfare. One of the best sites with info on this is This is Zimbabwe

But today is different, mainly, perhaps, because there is no longer any economy in Zimbabwe worth speaking about. This great country (where I lived for a while, when I was still a teenager) has been brought to its knees by corruption and patronage. Reuters reports that Zimbabwean inflation was 100,586.00% in January 2008, and unemployment is estimated at around 80%. Life expectancy is just 37 years – the world’s lowest.

Change is needed, and I hope it’s coming soon.

Check out some witty, movie-related activism at: Zimbabwe Democracy Now