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Human Transport is a transmedia series that focuses on some of the great social upheavals of the last few centuries. It looks at moments when entire populations were forced to march across country due to war or natural disaster. Most were grim, tragic and ignominious occasions, perilously close to ethnic cleansing. Many have been forgotten. But what did our great grandgrandparents actually go through? We look at 8 stories of mass evacuation throughout recent history. We talk about the geopolitics of the era, how the situation came about, who were its protagonists, what were the causes and the main issues and denouements. And we look at how those evacuations were conducted on the ground, via the lives of the men and women on the trek. What did they wear? Was it practical? Was it comfortable? Was it waterproof? What did they eat? Was it nutritious? What was its calorie content? Could you march on it? Where did they sleep? How did they travel? Could they write home? Did they ever expect to go home? And what if they got sick? What ailments would they have encountered? How were they treated? Were they survivable? Were these men and women even vaguely equipped mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, for the rigours of human traffic.

Part- Historical documentary, part Reality show, the transmedia series feature historians, medical doctors, long distance athletes and nutritionists who reveal the reality of the experience through examining historical documents, letters and records. But the series also features ten volunteers who we follow as they “live” the campaign or the evacuation.